All Natural Beef in Arizona

We raise Angus-based cattle exclusively for natural beef

Salzman Cattle Company

Locally Grown Beef from Angus Cattle in Arizona

Since its inception in 2014, the Salzman Cattle Company has been a provider of all-natural beef grown locally at our ranches. We raise Angus-based cattle in the SouthEastern Arizona area. The cattle are rotationally grazed on native and irrigated pasture in an environmentally safe manner. 

Salzman Cattle Company

Born & Raised on our Ranches

All calves are born and raised on one of our ranches until they are weaned. After weaning they graze on irrigated and native pastures on our farm that lies north of Elfrida until they reach the weight of 800-900 lbs.

The cattle are then fed on a balanced ration of energy and protein, either grown on our farm or purchased locally. Once they reach a finishing weight of approximately 1100-1250 lbs, they are sent for processing.

Salzman Cattle Company
Salzman Cattle Company

What Sets Us Apart

The Salzman Cattle Company offers you a taste of all-natural and humanely raised beef. The beef we sell is never implanted with hormones or given antibiotics. The great taste of our beef comes from the nutrients out of our pastures.