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Whole beef: $1800 + processing (~$700)
Half beef: $950 + processing (~$350)

Ordering Process

  • We deliver the animal to the processor.
  • Payment for animal is due when delivered to processor.
  • Processor will contact you for cut info.
  • Processor will age the beef for 14-21 days and then process it.
  • The beef will be available for pickup in 21-30 days after delivery of animal.
  • Required $250 deposit to place an order.

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Place an Order on the website or by phone. Once order is confirmed, please send us the $250 deposit to hold the animal. When the animal is delivered to the processors, the remaining amount is due for the animal.

Processing takes approximately 21 days. Once completed, pick up your meat at the processor and pay the processing fee to the processor.

An 1150 lb animal will have a carcass of approximately 650 lbs.